the MONSTER strikes again: TWICE


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Re: the MONSTER strikes again: TWICE

Post by  on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:28 pm


"Ronaldinho/Kaka >> Schweini"

Laugh lol!

as for Klose

he scored yet again against Kasachstan

and is now on 58

for Germany


easily one of the greatest strikers EVER to have graced this earth


his only downside is his lack of ego/selfishness

PR-wise , it means, he is not on the radar at all

he could easily break Mller's record, and within a year or so, barely anybody remembers his name




yet again, what a pity that nobody seems to notice that one either


as for allez and bernd questioning my oracle.worthiness

Doh Grr 😠

two days ago I took a look at the BILD-Sportspages

they had a feature about the NEXT GERMAN GLOBAL SUPERSTARS

zil, Kaymer, Vettel

a day before that they RAVED about Klose and his record busting football

it then dawned on me that I had RAVED about ALL FOUR BEFORE ANYBODY in GERMANY or internationally had DONE SO


I told YOU about Vettel BEFORE he had even signed up with BMW as a TEST-DRIVER, let alone won his first GP with the Italian scrapmetal team

I told YOU about zil BEFORE Schalke had even signed Rakitic and went NUTS ON HERE when Schalke sold him to Bremen for a pittance

not that ANYBODY at Werder CELEBRATED at the time

I told YOU about Kaymer before he had won his FIRST tournament, no matter how minor or regional

I discovered Kaymer BEFORE he had graced his first Golf Magazine journal Ale

as for Klose, aka the MONSTER

I will never forget those debates I had with my English mates in a Clapham PUB

a year or so AFTER the 2002 World Cup

the howls of laughter (+ a fair amount of warm English beer) they spat into my face when I told them

Klose>>> Owen

I will NEVER forget either

I was the only one on here who went nuts about Klose over the years and stuck by him even during his troubled van Gaal period

and yet again he repaid me at the last World Cup

all the other predictions/analysis I got right

"Dutch coaches are SHITE"

"Hiddink to get Russia kicked out against Slovenia"

"Hamann to be the KEY MAN for Liverpool against Milan" (BEFORE the game)

"South Africa to win the Rugby World Cup"

"Nick Clegg to be THE shooting star of British politics"

"Germany never to win ANYTHING under Klinsi or Lw"

"Sack BENITEZ" (AFTER Pool's CL win) Laugh

"Torres = HUGE FLOP" lol!

" Argentina to have peaked TOO EARLY (at the 2006 World Cup after their highscoring dream-display against God knows who)+Argentina NEVER to win another World Cup without home-advantage"

"England are SHITE and will NEVER win another Cup"

" ZEROoney" when EVERBODY thought he was THE SHIT


one million other examples I will NOT bore you with



show some fucking respect and LEARN from the oracle



I still believe that Hiddink will get the sack in Turkey by the summer /ditto van Gaal


Hiddink will be in charge at Sbener Strasse next season

looks like a good bet to me

was an even BETTER bet BEFORE Turkey's DEFEAT against Germany and Azer


but yet again

NOBODY listened to the ORACLE

lol! Doh


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Re: the MONSTER strikes again: TWICE

Post by Six on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:30 pm

You keep forgetting to add the word "International" in your descriptions of Klose.

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Re: the MONSTER strikes again: TWICE

Post by  on Sun Jun 22, 2014 9:11 pm

fucking hell

Klose has now scored 15 goals at 4 World Championships

thereby joining Fat Ronaldo as the ALL TIME



to put it in numbers

Klose has played 20 World Cup games

and scored 15 goals


one of the true ALL TIME GREATS of the game


funny , how people on here many years ago

DARED to compare Rooney or Ruud with Klose



funny statistic

England have scored 17 goals in the last 4 World Cups

Klose has scored 15 goals in the last 4 World Cups


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Re: the MONSTER strikes again: TWICE

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