Let's talk about Cesc baby...all summer long

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Re: Let's talk about Cesc baby...all summer long

Post by Fade out on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:04 pm

Nasri behaved like a c**t to L'Om as well. No surprise. Usually L'Om players can't be trusted in contracts. The agents involved with these players are closely linked to club's dodgy history.. Money hungry wolves. Corrupt.

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Re: Let's talk about Cesc baby...all summer long

Post by debaser on Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:21 pm

Allez les rouges wrote:
S4P wrote:I don't think it's only Barcelona who have been "sneaky" in all of this. I'm genuinely surprised that Arsenal fans have been so calm about the fact that their captain effectively went on strike to ensure the move.

We have been resigned to, and bludgeoned and indeed bored into submission for so long by this saga that I don't think it would have occurred to many people to be particularly outraged. It's his right to make this move and few people begrudge it him given the overall picture. There is something in the notion that he could have made a difference to some of our limp failings over the last couple of seasons if he'd performed better on some of those big occasions himself, but would be an unfair judgement given what he's done for the club over the years, so it's ridiculous to label him a traitor.

I'm less sympathetic in the case of Nasri, when he has so little in terms of a truly exceptional record to boast of as an Arsenal legacy, when financial motivations seem to be the only real ones and when he actually flirted with the possibility of a move to Manchester United. Then again, in real life, you do not expect people to turn down the opportunity to literally double their money elsewhere. I only hope Arsène has at least made the point to him "if you performed for a whole season as you did for 4-5 months of last, there would be no footballing need or reason for this move".

The situation is roughly comparable with Villa this summer, where Fabregas = A.Young & Nasri = Downing. Everyone long knew & came to terms with Young going this summer & his move is clearly a big opportunity that you can't really begrudge the player.

Downing, on the other hand, just had his first good season for us & forces through an ungrateful, careerist move on the back of it. And sure, Liver are more likely to have success this season than Villa (as are Man City than Arsenal), but in an immediate sense it's a sideways step - one club in CL to another, one club not in Europe to another - albeit made slightly less sideways by the very fact that a good player is going from one club to the other, sort of like he's puncturing another hole in the bow as he jumps ship.

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