three cheers to VON BOMMEL + Hyypia

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Re: three cheers to VON BOMMEL + Hyypia

Post by Allez les rouges on Fri May 13, 2011 5:09 pm

The only black and white here is the lazy, stereotyped cliché YOU keep trotting out here Otto, which seems to bear less and less resemblance to reality.

It's like the UK tabloid summation of Arsenal, but (as I keep saying) where even the most blinkered fan can see that there is a certain amount of truth there, it's got very little to do with the current German team. If you really imagine that a lack of mental strength and fight was the critical factor behind the last two defeats to Spain, you are clueless or just don't watch much football. In the meantime as Blut says critical wins when it counts, from Portugal and Turkey in the last Euro via Russia in the WC qualification and Ghana, England and Argentina last year give the lie to your randomly concocted, "herbeigezauberte" Analyse.

The really laughable, and telling, thing about you is that it is apparently not the success of the national team which is of foremost importance to you, but if anything its failure at the highest level, just so you can turn round and dredge up some miserable pretext for shrieking "I told you so".

Who's the patriot here Smile

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Re: three cheers to VON BOMMEL + Hyypia

Post by debaser on Fri May 13, 2011 6:09 pm

blutgraetsche wrote:Mental strength, the right attitude for me all fall under the 'talent' category. Or let me put it this way: Football is all about quality. Your definition of a winning team is plain ridiculous, as you'd gladly exchange genuine talent for an untalented hack who screams a lot, your defition of 'leadership'. Smile

The current German NT doesn't lack leadership, it lacks in footballing terms foremost. First, we need defenders who are more comfortable on the ball, we need a proper solution for the LB position. We have to defend better as a team in general. Mentally, it's rather strong, as they've proven in many crucial matches of the last few years. This team was the first to beat Russia on their own soil in a competitive (qualification) match. This team wiped the floor with England and Argentina in the knock-out stages of a WC. Especially the younger generation coming through are proven winners, winning titles for Germany on the youth level.

The 'mental problem' you create seems to be more of your own...

One could note, from a mental aspect, that when England scored, Germany looked a little panicked and conceded again very quickly. We never got to see how they would have handled being pegged back so quickly and such a shift in momentum.

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Re: three cheers to VON BOMMEL + Hyypia

Post by blutgraetsche on Fri May 13, 2011 7:07 pm

Can't agree with that, they didn't panic in my eyes, England just got a boost from the goal and gained confidence, which is rather normal.

The only 'mental' problem, or so to say, the team had last year was showing too much respect to Spain in the semis. Löw has to take a lot of the blame for that as he made them bigger and better than they are, actually can be, as if they were out of this world. But although the mental aspect in that game was a factor, the team lost the match primarily because they couldn't handle the very aggressive pressing of Spain (similar to Barcelona), which makes it very difficult for your defenders in particular to initiate proper buildups, especailly if they are not the most comfortable on the ball.

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Re: three cheers to VON BOMMEL + Hyypia

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